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Chicago EA is a boutique business services firm specializing in accounting, tax, and financial services.  We are a small firm, which allows for personalized attention and a low turnover rate, leading to a deeper understanding of clients’ needs and efficient work. We believe that bookkeeping, tax returns, and “task” based objectives are all commodities, and we focus on a more holistic approach to help establish generational wealth by building personal relationships to understand our client’s goals, wants, and needs.




Analyze and design the optimal structure and processes for your company to achieve long-term success and efficiency


Personalized tax planning and optimization strategies to minimize liabilities and maximize returns for your business


Bridge between your company and financial institutions, ensuring smooth communication and facilitates financial transactions on your behalf


Expert financial guidance and oversight, helping your business make strategic decisions without the need for a full-time CFO on staff


Everything from bookkeeping to financial reporting, ensuring accurate and up-to-date financial records for your business


Utilizing cutting-edge AI and automation tools streamlines accounting processes, enhancing productivity and accuracy while reducing manual workload

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With over 18 years of service, Chicago EA is focused on providing our clients advice on taxation, accounting, and consulting services that reflect their needs. We specialize in small businesses by developing personal relationships with clients to understand what services will benefit their company.

The chicago EA way

Initial discussions are held with the client to understand their requirements and identify the most effective personalized approach for crafting the optimal product.

The extent of work is evaluated, and an examination of supporting documents takes place, including bank statements, credit card records, previous year's tax filings, financial statements, significant acquisitions, and accounting systems.

Following the assessment, a quotation is provided either at an hourly rate or a fixed rate. For ongoing client consultations, fixed rate quotes are presented to ensure uninterrupted assistance.
Upon mutual agreement on the pricing, an engagement letter is endorsed, delineating the scope of services to be executed.
The undertaking commences. Throughout the process, an analysis of the client's historical data is conducted, and collaboration with existing operations is undertaken to generate the desired outcomes.
Upon completion of the project, it is submitted to the client, and their feedback is obtained to confirm their contentment with the results.

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